Tinnitus Management Solutions

What is Tinnitus?

A constant ringing in your ears is a condition known as Tinnitus. It affects up to 50 million Americans according to American Tinnitus Association. Tinnitus can be a result of constant overexposure to loud noises, side effects that come from medicines or a number of other ailments. NuSound Hearing Center is the only tinnitus care provider in Kansas.
Hearing Aid

Relieve the Ringing Noise in Your Ears

Ringing in the ears can be difficult to cope with, but NuSound Hearing Center is here to help. Tinnitus consultation is available at NuSound to find the best management tools for you or your loved one.
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Do you hear ringing or buzzing in your ears when there’s no external sound present? If so, you may have tinnitus. Call us today for your treatment.
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